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We have scheduled several photography workshops in Northern California. Take a look at the details and join us if you can.



Services we offer

  1. Portrait Photography
  2. Commercial Photography
  3. Website Design


Portrait Photography


Please take a few minutes to visit our gallery pages so you'll have a very good idea of the quality of our work.  We are wall portrait specialists, offering painting-like images on canvas to be passed down through the generations.  Of course we also make gift and album sizes available.  Shelley Dunnigan left 25 years in a studio behind to work with families on location who have a strong passion in life such has horses and other animals. 

It could, however, be Harleys, boats, cars... or...
call us with yours.. we want to hear about it.



Commercial Photography


In the past 10 years, Shelley Dunnigan has decorated the interiors of a dozen Starbucks stores and multiple Kaiser Hospitals with enlarged black and white images of customers and staff in casual poses to help create an at-home sense of familiarity to the establishment. 

"Photographs of everyday people stimulate conversation, and make people feel comfortable", states Shelley, "they like to recognize staff and other customers".

We also offer promotional images on CD for advertising and websites, priced according to the total number of images ordered. When you purchase an image, it belongs to you with complete copyrights and privileges.

We offer high quality printing services for business cards, fliers,  and brochures, with 4-5 day turn around.



Website Design


It's nice to have a beautiful website, however what is equally, if not more important is knowing who your target market is, all the demographics involved and how to appeal to your model customer.  You can spend a lot of money on flash and pizzazz, and totally miss the mark.  Do you know what colors attract an upper-class female?  We do.  Who likes mostly photographs? Who wants mostly "the facts"?  We ask the questions, we have the photographer, the artist, the editor, and web master. 

Call us when you're ready to promote your product.