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Attend a workshop

We have scheduled several photography workshops in Northern California. Take a look at the details and join us if you can.



It's taken 18 years to get them ready to go out into the world and the "senior portrait" is a testimony to who they are and what they love ... and often times it's horses... they want to be photographed with their best friend.  They'll probably be leaving without him, and they'll use him as an excuse to come back and live at home.

We know that high school seniors need wallet photos so every 8x10 purchased comes with 8 wallets, every 11x14, comes with 16 wallets and when you purchase a 16x20 wall portrait, 32 wallets are included!

We design packages for each senior because their needs vary.  The session fee is: $65. and 8x10 units are $78.  Please call us for more information.



Senior Portraits

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