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Frequently Asked Questions?




Table of Contents

  1. How much does it cost? Do you charge for travel?
  2. What do you offer in portrait sizes?
  3. What if I live in another state?
  4. What should I/we wear?
  5. Do you have packages?
  6. I board at a training barn/stable, what is the barn group discount?
  7. What happens if I have another family for a referral?

How much does it cost? Do you charge for travel?

Our "studio" is entirely mobile so we expect to be on the road, therefore we do not charge for travel.  We do have to cover our expenses so if you are outside of our regular area in Northern California, we ask that you arrange for another family or plan to make a minimum purchase which we will discuss.  Our normal session fee (ranch call) is $95.  Prices vary for different services so please refer to the category tabs or feel free to contact us and let us know what you're interested in and we will let you know all about our prices.

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What do you offer in portrait sizes?

Wall Portraits begin at 11" x 14" and go up to 40" x 50", with a wide variety of sizes in between.  We project your previews on the wall so you can see exactly what they will look like enlarged.  We help you with the size selection based on the number of subjects in the portrait, their head sizes relative to the space in the composition, and the size of the wall where it's to be displayed.  We also make gift and album sizes available; 5x7s and 8x10s range in price from $52. to $98.  We always make special considerations for quantity purchases.  Please see Seniors for information on wallet sizes.

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What if I live in another state?

Travel to other states is not a problem at all.  If we have to fly, we ask that you either cover our travel and accommodations, or you provide enough families to ensure adequate compensation to cover expenses.  Please call us to discuss the options.

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What should I/we wear?

This really is the #1 question!  And for good reason.  Your clothing should compliment you, your environment in the portrait and the room in which the image will be displayed.  That sounds like a tall order, but it's not that difficult.
1.   Your faces should be the stars of the show, therefore, your clothes should not be brighter than your faces!
2.   "Medium" tones for outdoors are best.  This eliminates very light and very dark colors.
3.   Choose the room where you want the portrait to hang.  Duplicate the prominent colors in your clothing choices, e.g. if you decorate in browns, greens and reds, make sure your shirts are those colors.  Your portrait will appear to be part of your planned décor!
4.   Jeans are universal, but please try to make them medium blue.  Washed out jeans create a large point of interest away from your face.
5.   Solids, or very small, subtle prints are preferable.  Again, anything which commands attention, detracts from the faces.
6.   Please see What to Wear for samples of good choices.

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Do you have packages?

We have found that everyone has their own portrait needs so we tend to design custom packages for each family.  We do have "packages" or discount prices for high school seniors and barn groups.

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I board at a training barn/stable, what is the barn group discount?

To take advantage of a barn group discount, we ask for a minimum of 5 families or individuals to participate.  The ranch call is $125. which is divided among the customers.  As an example of barn group prices, an 8x10 is $65. (regularly $98.)  We can create packages based on the total number of families involved.

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What happens if I have another family for a referral?

A lot of our business comes from referral and we definitely reward for it.  If we photograph both families on the same portrait session, you can split the session fee.  We are also happy to offer complimentary portraits or a free frame in appreciation of a referral.  Call, and we'll talk about it!

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